Designed by Martial Artist Fitness Instructor, Van A. Fleming.

The Portable Martial Arts Trainer (PMAT) is a high quality, portable wooden training device that adds Martial Arts dimension to any martial art training system.

  • Can be set up, in about 2 minutes, in the dojo, gym, home and most remote locations.
  • Attaches easily to heavy bags, B.O.B devices, posts, trees, basketball poles, etc.
  • Height adjustable to any height.
  • Supports all styles of Martial Arts.
  • Conditions the body (blocks, punches, kicks).
  • Encourages stamina, strength, speed and hand eye co-ordination, from novice to expert.

The compact dimensions
24 inch tall · 6 inch wide · 5/8 inch thick
afford effortless stowage and ease of transport.

Each device is crafted in small batches, using reclaimed wood, bioregional materials and coated with hand rubbed linseed oil.

Martial Artist tested for quality and durability.